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XXXXXX, 2019

Generate Ideas

Generate new and original ideas in a amount of short time

Overcome Barriers

Imagine all your team collaborating with enthusiasm to reach an extraordinary solution.

Eliminate Blockages
Learn simple and effective techniques to generate ideas without relying on «inspiration».

Find Solutions
Create truly innovative solutions and turn them into successful projects.

The most powerful toolbox to develop group and individual creativity and innovation

About Creativity Toolkit

Would you like to generate original and useful ideas in a short time?

Do you want to learn and practice the most powerful Creativity techniques?

Actitud Creativa has developed and compiled the 25 creativity techniques most used by companies around the world.

This workshop condenses the best Creativity Techniques that we have found to be the most effective though our many years of international experience.
Finding and collating all of these techniques would require a large amount of time, effort and money. And that is why we have compiled them in this unique online workshop.  By attending this workshop you will learn to fully expand all your creative potential and that of your collaborators to generate truly innovative ideas. This workshop will certify you in more than 20 creativity techniques, including unique techniques developed by Actitud Creativa for your clients  looking for that innovative edge. 


100% of the participants of the previous edition recommend this certification


I would happily recommend this course because I believe that it offers valuable skills in the work place – whatever the professional field. These skills offer new perspectives in  regards to what it’s takes to develop a groups  creative team work.


This course is an enjoyable journey of discovery and is eminently practical.


I appreciate this effective approach in delivering tools and methods related to  applied creativity. The  online application is simple and effective. In addition, the contents are very useful and the format very simple and enjoyable to follow.


I recommend this course because it is very well structured, because of the quality of the contents,  and because of the self-directed pace 

¿How does it work?

The workshop starts on XXXXX, 2019 and each student has one month to complete the program at their own pace.

You decide how much time you want to spend depending on your goals and objectives 

Viewing content for each  videos ranges between  1 to 5 minutes

You will develop your understanding of each technique experientially through real world application to your own chosen projects 

Practice of the concepts through interactive exercises

Application of learning to a project

You can also …

Connect with a global community of consultants in Innovation and Creativity

Comment on the ideas of the workshop participants

Resolve doubts quickly through our interactive forum 

Recommended planning and flow :

– Viewing (30 to 60 minutes per week)

– Practice (1 to 2 hours per week)

– Creation (according to individual objectives)

Online course
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The trainers


Juan Prego

Juan Prego

Juan es experto en el desarrollo de habilidades de comunicación, creatividad e innovación. Desde el 2002 ha formado a más de 20.000 personas en todo el mundo. Tiene amplia experiencia gestionando equipos internacionales habiendo vivido en Argentina, China y actualmente en España. Ha dado charlas en todo el mundo con audiencias de 100 a más de 1000 personas. Es consultor certificado en herramientas de transformación cultural y ha traducido al castellano y en exclusiva los materiales de la Creative Education Foundation.


Tim Dunne

Tim Dunne

MBA en Finanzas por la Universidad de Rochester (NY) es profesor en la Creativity European Association, y en el Creative Problem Solving Institute (USA). Tim ha llevado adelante procesos de creatividad e innovación con alguna de las compaías mas importantes del mundo como el Banco Mundial, Procter & Gamble, Deutche Bank o Astra-Zeneca..

The Benefits you receive from our from Creativity Toolkit

  •  Unique International Certification currently active in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe
  •  Learn to generate a large amount of ideas in a short time
  • Build your bank of proven techniques that help you find solutions that are beyond the obvious
  •  Learn to evaluate ideas quickly and effectively
  • Release both individual and group “creative blocks”
  • Learn to maximise creative potential in your team
  • Develop skills to help you apply and lead creativity successfully in your company 
  •  Simplify and optimize products and processes
  •  Achieve superior results in days, and not in months

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